Become An Expert With Our Pairing Tips!

Straight from the Clancy's Meat Co experts - pairing beer and foods is a relatively new yet exciting trend that is here to stay, so jump on this band wagon and learn how to match your favourite foods with your favourite brews - just in time for football season!

We all know the classic "burger and beer" pairing, but there are many more foods that can be enhanced with the right style and flavour of beer. We make it easy so read on and become an expert!

Lighter Brews For Lighter Meals

Just like white or light wines, lighter style beers like Pilsner, Lager and Light Beer pair well with lighter meals such as salads, fish, chicken and lighter pasta dishes.  ALES on the other hand have sweeter more malty characteristics, and therefore pair extremely well with roasted light meats like turkey and chicken that have been grilled or roasted with oils and herbs.

Try: Clancy's free run stuffed chicken breast with a easy drinking German Pilsner

Also try: *Game Day Ready!* Clancy's appetizer pack with Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Chicken Wings and shrimp with a local light "session" lager

Darker Beers For Red Meats And Game

Just like a smooth bold red wine, a darker beer pairs well with anything meat or game. The cardinal rule for dark beers is the longer the cooking time, the darker the beer you can pair with it. Heavier ales with more malt pair best with a burger, steak or venison dish; Try pairing a rich, bold porter or guiness with a steak dinner as well to bring out all the deep flavours of your meat. 

Try: Clancy's Steak Dinner For 2, with a local darker Amber Ale or Red Ale. If you're adventerous try it with a Guiness! This beer is low in calories (YES IT IS) and high in iron, bringing out the delicious meaty flavours of the steak! Contrary to what people may say about Guiness being a meal in a glass, it is actually one of the lightest calorie beers out there.

"Remember, the lighter the cooking, the ligher the beer. The more roasted the food, the darker the beer."

Beer And Cheese Pairing

Here is an awesome table from The Beer Store outlining the right beers to pair with different cheeses - just for fun!