How To Cook Them Perfectly Every Time

Straight from the Clancy's Meat Co meat experts - tips on how to get perfect pan seared Chicken Breast - no overcooking or dry chicken here!

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts can be a nightmare to anyone cooking them. Without a bone, or any fat in them, the breasts can be automatically dry and flavourless. That being said, chicken breasts are super convenient, high protein and low in fat so having them around and cooked properly is a healthy way to stay on track with your diet and protein requirements. Here are some steps on how to make them perfect every time so you can store them in your fridge and have for a quick healthy lunch, dinner or snack!

1. Flatten your chicken breast for even cooking.

Using the bottom of a mason jar or even a meat tenderizer, flatten the largest part of the chicken breast *lightly* to ensure even cooking throughout - this will make sure that one end of your chicken breast doesnt overcook

2. Season with salt and pepper

Evenly season both sides of your chicken breast with salt and pepper. This simple seasoning blend will ensure that the chicken breast is flavourful - it brings out the natural flavour of the chicken, while prepping it for any sauce you may want to add to it after

3. Heat your pan

Set your pan for medium high heat and do not add oil until it is fully heated. To test whether your pan is ready for oil, drop some water on it. If the water evaporates right away, its hot enough.

4. Add oil AND butter

Most people like to use olive oil to cook their chicken breasts in a pan. We like to use it as well, BUT, we also like to add a dollup of butter to the olive oil. This adds a tremendous amount of flavour to the chicken AND it also prevents the olive oil from smoking!

5. Sear one side of the chicken breast

Turn your pan down to medium heat. Add the chicken breast to your pan and sear one side of it for approximately 1 minute without touching it.

6. Flip and cover

Flip your chicken breast over and cover with a tight lid, turning the pan heat down to low heat. COVER and let cook without touching it for 10 minutes. Do not slip, do not remove the lid.

7. Remove from heat

Take the pan with the lid still on OFF the element, and let the breast rest for 10 minutes (leave the lid on!)

  8. Remove lid, slice and enjoy!

Check the temperature of the inside of the chicken breast and make sure it is at least 165 degrees F. There should be no pink on the inside and the juices should run clear.

Your chicken breast should be perfectly cooked, slightly browned on the outside but not dry.